Are judges or lawyers smarter?

And while judges tend to be more intelligent than regular lawyers, there is no doubt that there are significant differences in intellectual capacity, even among judges at the same level of the judicial system. Everyone knows that there is an intelligence spectrum in the legal industry. Well, the judiciary didn't do very well on the exam. Believe it or not, a whopping 31% of the judges were wrong on all three questions.

Less than half of that number answered all three questions correctly. The study concluded that judges tend to be more “intuitive” than deliberative. Or, in other words, when ruling on important court cases that come before them, many judges tend to “make hasty decisions”. Aside from a streak of masochism, it takes a lot of gray matter to finish law school and pass the bar exam.

And a lot of us like the challenge. The Journal of the American Bar Association recently reported that 295 judges who attended a judicial conference received a three-question test, as part of a study to determine how judges make decisions. The Legal Intelligencer pays homage to attorneys who have left a mark on the Pennsylvania legal community through their dedication to the law. The Daily Report pays homage to the lawyers and judges who have made a remarkable difference in the legal profession.

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