Can shy people be good lawyers?

If you want to become a lawyer, don't let your shyness stop you. There is no single type of lawyer, and you may have many skills and traits needed to become a successful lawyer that your less timid colleagues don't have. I've only worked with lawyers and when I tell people, “I taught lawyers how to use their computers. This focuses more on the physical topic, which I'll talk about in a minute, but she wrote about blushing.

In fact, most people find it overwhelming to speak in public, so even the most confident aspiring attorneys are likely to have to develop the confidence needed to speak in public. I'm not very good at acting, standing up and talking in front of people, which I didn't know on television what court lawyers do in film and television, but I didn't really know what law school entailed when I got there. In fact, I have this, I'm a big fan of the band U2 and I have an amazing t-shirt that has lyrics to their song and the front of the shirt says, “I want to run.

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