Do introverts make good lawyers?

Active listening is one of the most important skills a legal professional can have. And introverts, of course, are very good listeners. Sometimes it's better not to be the person who absorbs all the air in a room. Instead, sitting down and actually listening to what others are saying can be a very solid legal strategy.

It may seem strange to imagine a naturally quiet introvert defending a client in court, Perry Mason-style. However, not only are there many introverted lawyers who practice, but the legal profession is also a field where introverts can thrive. Also, in addition to the obvious computer skills that are required, being meticulous and diligent are important qualities in a software developer that introverts can bring. At first glance, a person flying an airplane may not be what comes to mind when you think of an introvert at work.

Despite being an attractive profession for introverts who seek solitude and are inclined to science, a career in radiology involves more than a decade of training and education.

Laura Holzer
Laura Holzer

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