How did kim kardashian become a lawyer?

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In addition to her exams, Kardashian also began a four-year internship at a San Francisco law firm, where she is mentored by human rights lawyer Jessica Jackson and attorney Erin Haney.

Rather than opting for college, Kim Kardashian decided to attend California's law studies program, which allows students to work with legal experts. Kim began learning and working with attorney Jessica Jackson and took the bar exam for babies. Kim Kardashian is much closer to becoming a lawyer.

The KKW Beauty mogul is one step closer to becoming a lawyer. And while her relevance in popular culture may be extreme, it can't be overlooked that Kim's ambitious nature has led her to activism and a career in law. Kim Kardashian expressed her interest in pursuing a legal career to her followers on social media, and many supported her efforts. Kardashian studies law without attending a traditional law school accredited by the state, which means she had to pass the baby exam, which is equivalent to completing one year of law school, according to the California State Bar Association.

After learning about Kim Kardashian's interest in becoming a lawyer, you may be wondering if it's possible to become a lawyer without having to try to study law. Kardashian said she failed the test three times in two years, including once earlier this year, after testing positive for COVID and having a fever of 104 degrees, although she is not making excuses. The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, posted on her Instagram profile a photo of her wearing an electric blue suit with a caption that she had passed her bar exam. Kardashian is not yet a lawyer, her story is a reminder to anyone considering joining the legal field that there are other ways to pursue her goals without going the traditional route.

And in the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians earlier this year, the star said that she hopes to one day found a truly successful (law) firm. Unlike Rebel Wilson and Gerard Butler, who graduated in law and practiced law before succeeding in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian has not earned her law degree. Kardashian didn't enroll in a state-accredited law school, but she stated that she was “studying law,” which involves being an apprentice with lawyers in the field and passing the first-year law student exam, also known as the law exam for babies. When Kim Kardashian arrives at a red carpet event, you won't be surprised to see how they gawk, but learning that she passed the baby bar has surprised everyone on her path to becoming a lawyer without having studied law or monitoring their progress.

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