Is a us law degree valid in europe?

Unfortunately, law schools in the United States offer a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree, which is not internationally recognized. Conversely, a person who wants to practice law in the United States would not be able to do so with an LLB degree. And it's true that U.S.

law firms have much more rigorous hiring rules and procedures for hiring lateral partners than a local French firm would have. An American finds it easier to practice law in a place like Belgium or Germany because they allow foreigners to exercise their right for themselves, despite being lawyers resident in those particular jurisdictions. The typical route for a British lawyer would be to complete their normal legal education followed by a year at the Law School (often at the Inns of Court Law School), where you learn the practical elements of court appearances, etc. Keep in mind also that it's probably easier to convert a UK degree back to an American degree if you want to return in the future, although I think someone once told me that, for example, the New York bar association only recognizes the full LLB degrees, and not the GDL.

It is worth noting that most English lawyers pursue legal studies as a bachelor's degree and therefore start working at a younger age. Therefore, I think that those three jurisdictions are at least somewhat more welcoming to American lawyers who want to work in Europe than in France. The Brexit vote has led to an increase in revenues and the hiring of law firms, increasing the popularity of law schools in the United Kingdom. So, in that case, it might be best to check if you can do it if you're already working with French clients, because here are some American lawyers who work internally and who occupy positions of great responsibility in French companies.

This has changed compared to when I started here because many French law students have done a master's degree in the United States and have been exposed to the U. So most of the people who take that exam, most of them are students who have had the opportunity to study law here. Lawyer and admitted to the bar association in one of the United States jurisdictions, you may be allowed to apply for membership in the French bar association.

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