What percentage of people pass law school?

The data range from 77.3 to 89.8.The ABA releases data on attorney approval rates for the first and maximum time each spring as a resource for the public and potential law school applicants. The figures aggregate national pass rates and provide data on the performance of graduates from each law school on the bar license exam. Harvard Law School earned a first-time pass rate of 98%, followed by Yale Law School and the University of Virginia Law School, with nearly 96%, according to ABA data. Last year, the passing rate for bar exams declined among first-time test takers. The strongest argument is based on reliable content, the experience of lawyers and publishers, and the technology that defines the industry.

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Search for higher-risk individuals and entities around the world to help uncover the risks hidden in business relationships and human networks. This is known to be a difficult test, probably significantly more difficult than many of those that had a lower pass rate. This is where the highest and lowest percentage of potential lawyers managed to enter the profession. It doesn't take into account California's accreditation system or its “learning program,” which allows people to take the exam without a law degree or a degree from an ABA school.

The bar exam, perhaps the most appalling experience Western society has ever invented, is a tough two-day test that determines who can be a lawyer. And then there's Wisconsin, where the bar exam is not required to practice in Wisconsin if you get a law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School or Marquette University with some degrees. The caveat is that there are many factors, besides the difficulty of the exam, that determine whether or not people pass in a given state.

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